Who we are

Who we are

Van Uden Kaarsen produces a total assortment of candles since 1985. The candles which we produce are provided to consumers both within and outside E.C. 

  • Florist & Gift Sector
  • Bar & Restaurant
  • Special Gifts
  • Church


Of course we provide you a complete standard program directly from stock. But also special requests, wishes or private-label packing is possible. Our sales department will gladly answer any of your questions.


Our sales employees will process your order and almost immediately give you the expected delivery time. Through extensive automation in order processing, standard stock articles will be shipped the same day,  resulting a 24-hour delivery service in the Netherlands and Belgium.  



The heart of our company is of course the production. Within this area a large variety of candles (through several production processes) are made by our skilled production workers. We only use up to date machinery and modern technology for making high quality products.  

Whether it concerns 100 or 100.000 candles, all orders will be carried out correctly and rapidly.

Flexibility is the key word what is used daily within production , That’s why our Dutch slogan is, Van Uden Kaarsen, waar kaarsen maken nog steeds een vak is! (Van Uden Kaarsen, candlemaking is our profession!)



All orders will be collected in our central warehouse being shipped daily. Because we only work with our standard carriers we guarantee you that your order will be handled with the utmost care and rapidity possible. It’s also possible to pick-up your order at our warehouse.